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  Mark Leigh Gibbons

1942-1981: Educator, poet, friend;
Amherst, Rutgers University, Boston College;
the Mark Gibbons Memorial Broadway Pub Crawl

We are advised (on April 8, 2003) by Mark's sister Gail that a new trove of "Mark's papers and notebooks from Amherst, his dissertation and notes, and lots of photos from Rutgers" have been discovered in the attic of their recently deceased Mom in Marion, Mass. We hope to present some of this material here soon.

Piellisch and Gibbons

The Good Doctor and an appreciative acolyte (left) at the Stone Studio in Marion circa 1980.

Mark and Fred Goodridge at South Street, December 1972.

How I Love My Life!

Each morning I awake amid the soothing aftertaste of dreams in which I am peacefully omnipotent and am pleasantly surprised that my wakeful life is so much like my dreams.

My wives and children are singing aubades by the mist-shrouded pool in the orchid conservatory; they beam like little suns when they see me.

For breakfast each wonderful day I eat only my favorite foods. This morning an ellipsoidal, roseate mango - perfectly ripe. Its juices gush cool sweetness on my lips and tongue but never drip on my shirt or make my hands sticky.

My newspapers (decorated with delicate graphics) are filled with amusing and informative feature stories and news articles praising all my friends for what they are doing. What I said and did yesterday is the subject of a special, dedicatory editorial. The weather report is always just as I had hoped.

What a surprise! My dressing room has been redecorated in transparent pastel materials; the floor is opalescent and the curtains are fashioned of living flowers that move aside as I walk through them.

All my favorite costumes are still there though -- and even some new fashions with which I'll set the pace. But not today; for this morning, in disguise I'm to distribute gifts among the citizens I'll talk with while pretending I am a visitor from another planet. They will appreciate my wisdom and be grateful for my generosity.

My bowel movement was vastly pleasurable. My hair falls gracefully in place over my tanned shoulders. Eyes and teeth gleam. I laugh when I again remember that though forty I still look eighteen.

Two birds of paradise drape my cloak on my arm; my pet dogs open the door and the happy servants sing praise as I step to the rigged catamaran and begin a brisk sail to the city gleaming in the distance.

Not merely pleasure, but arousing adventure awaits my many disguises. Thrilling danger that ends in safety and honor! Brilliant abstract conceptions and immortal witticisms! Consuming love affairs that end end in friendship just as other love affairs begin! Every thought and action to be proud of! How I love my life!

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from The Boston Globe

Saturday, April 11, 1981; page 21

Mark Gibbons, 37 (sic; Gibbons was 38)

Education writer and consultant

MARION - Educator and author Mark L. Gibbons, 37, formerly of Cambridge, died yesterday as a result of an automobile accident here.

According to police his car apparently went out of control and hit a stone wall near his home. He died shortly after arriving at the Tobey Hospital in Wareham.

Dr. Gibbons was the writer in residence for the Eagle Hill Foundation, an education institution in Greenwich, Conn., and had completed a book on the diagnosis of learning disabilities in children.

Dr. Gibbons received his bachelors degree from Amherst College and his master's and doctorate from Rutgers University. He had been an assistant professor at Boston College, a teaching fellow at Rutgers, an instructor at Tabor Academy in Marion, an editorial assistant for Reader's Digest, and was nationally known as an education writer and consultant.

He was born in Middleborough and was the son of Virginia Gibbons Roy of Marion and the late Dr. Leo N. Gibbons.

In addition to his mother he leaves a sister, Gail Swain Hart of Worcester; a stepfather, Howard A. Roy of Marion; and three nephews.

Funeral services will be held tomorrow at 2 p.m. at St. Rita's Church in Marion.

The Crawl 

Held every year in New York City on the first Saturday in May, the Mark Gibbons Memorial Broadway Pub Crawl is a commemorative event distinguished by good drink, good cheer, and, when participants remember, the good poems of the Good Doctor, i.e. the late Mark Leigh Gibbons. The 31st Annual Mark Gibbons Memorial Broadway Pub Crawl will get underway at noon on May 7, 2011, at the Dublin House on West 79th Street, just east of Broadway. It will conclude at Battery Park at dusk. Ensuing Chinese dinner optional.

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